The famous teapots and storage jars by Theodor Bogler and the vases and jugs by Otto Lindig are undoubtedly icons of design history and highlights of the collection. However, objects such as the traditionally crafted stoneware ceramics with Bauhaus designs based on ideas by Max Krehan or the purist vessels by Marguerite Friedlaender are no less exceptional. The museum collection also includes various experimental pieces and the so-called »Wirtschaftsbrände« (ceramic firings to finance the workshop), the later works by Otto Lindig or Gerhard Marcks, as well as the ceramic estate of Heiner-Hans and Lisa Körting. Also included in the collection are works by former workshop members.

For several years now, the collection has been expanded to include exceptional ceramics created at this location. Donations and loans are always welcome! In certain cases, acquisitions can also be arranged.

We look forward to your visit!