Körting Ceramics

After Otto Lindig left Dornburg, Heiner-Hans Körting and Gerda Körting took over the vacant workshop in the Stables in 1949. The two sculptors and ceramicists had previously worked in Berlin. Lisa Körting, also a ceramicist, became Heiner-Hans Körting's second wife in 1955 and significantly contributed to the artistic character and national recognition of the workshop.

Despite an aesthetic break with the Bauhaus period, the Körting ceramicists succeeded in giving the workshop a new face with distinctive and contemporary products. This is particularly evident in the Körting workshop’s animal figures, but also in their abstract sculptures and the typical ceramic relief designs for vessels. Ulrich Körting, who is a master potter himself and Heiner-Hans Körting’s son from his second marriage, continues to run the workshop today as a »living workshop« with a select range of his parents' products. The rotating head figures, which are available in the Ceramics Museum shop, enjoy great popularity.

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