Special Packages

The Bauhaus Workshop Museum offers visitor groups an exciting walk through time from the Bauhaus era to the present day. Audio guides for adults and children are available for the visit. Individual guided tours can be booked as well.

Guided Tours

Join us for a guided tour of the historic rooms and the permanent exhibition of the Bauhaus Workshop Museum.

Price per person: discounted admission (for groups of 10 people or more)
Tour flat fee: 80.00 € (max. 25 people)
Duration: 45 min – 1 h


Audio Walk

In addition, an informative audio walk takes you through Dornburg and the wonderful surrounding area. Find out more about the Dornburg Castles, the market, the cemetery, the bridge in Dorndorf, the ruins in Tautenburg, the town museum and the castle in Camburg as well as about Frauenprießnitz.

Audio Walk

Audio Guide for Adults

An audio guide for adults leads visitors through the Bauhaus Workshop Museum. Go on an informative journey through 100 years of workshop history and listen to eyewitness accounts by various Bauhaus members.


Audio guide

Audio Guide for Children

Discover the workshop and its history with Körti and Mikesch: How did the potters end up in the horse stables? What's the story behind the time devil? And why do you need a plaster wheel and clay preparation equipment? Find out about all this and much more in our exciting audio guide.

Audio guide